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Terms and Conditions

Dessine-moi un soulier Policy defines rights and duties of Dessine-moi un Soulier SARL, the seller and its buyers. Please read thesedispositions carefully before using the dessinemoiunsoulier.com website.

By using the dessinemoiunsoulier.com website, customer agrees to be bound by these conditions.

Dessine-moi un soulier SARL is a french company refering to french laws, with a capital stock of 10 000 euros.  The headquarter is located at the 32 boulevard de Strasbourg – CS 30108 75468 Paris Cedex 10.  Dessine-moi un souiler is registered in Paris under the following numbers : SIREN: 531 321 834 - SIRET 531 321 834 00016 - VAT: FR16 531 321 834.

About Dessine-moi un Soulier:

Dessine-moi un soulier is an online business of shoes and accessories (www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com). Dessine-moi un soulier has the right to modify any of the following dispositions at any time.


The terms & conditions of ordesr are the following :

You can only create an order online on www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com

To customise a product, customer need to follow the design steps.

Once the payment is accepted, the order is effective.

In accordance with the law, we remind you under age customers need to have a parental agreement to place an order on www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com

Dessine-moi un soulier will make sure to notify their customers is any stock issues occur affecting the products sold on www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com.

The data registered by dessinemoiunsoulier.com stand as proof of a transactions between dessinemoiunsoulier.com and a customers.

Payments must be paid by credit card or paypal :

Customers warrant that they are fully authorized to use their credit card, and this credit card gives an access to sufficient fund to cover the costs needed in the use of dessinemoiunsoulier.com.

Dessine-moi un soulier have the right to reject or cancel an order in case of payment problems.


Prices are specified in Euros (including French VAT), Dollars and Pounds. All changes in French VAT may be reflected on retail price.

Prices do not include shiping fees, nor local tax and custom. The invoice sent to the customer includes both product and shipping price.

Dessinemoiunsoulier.com can change its prices.

But in accordance with the law, dessinemoiunsoulier.com will not change prices during or after recieving an order. A products final price will be the price given when submiting the order. 

All products are owned by Dessine-moi un soulier until the payment is confirmed.


Payments must be done by credit card.

Credit cards allowed are : CB, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard and American Express. If a purchase is rejected from the bank, the order is cancelled automatically.

Customer can also use Paypal as payment method, the customer will be redirected to his paypal account.

Payment safety & warranty:

Dessinemoiunsoulier.com marketplace is safe, secure and warranted.

It provides the Customer with a convenient payment method and it is the only authorized and recognized form of payment on dessinemoiunsoulier.com. You should never pay for a Dessine-moi un soulier item outside of the dessinemoiunsoulier.com site.

If you are contacted by a seller requesting payment via another method, including Moneygram or Western Union transfers, you should regard it as fraud and you must report to www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com.

Items bought outside dessinemoiunsoulier.com are not eligible for Dessine-moi un Soulier protection.

Customer's payment details and other information given to the dessinemoiunsoulier.com bank (BNP Paribas) are private and therefore secure. Dessine-moi un soulier do not share this information. 

Product availability:

In case of unavailable products, after a placed order any of the two scenes can occur:

-       If the customers bank account has not been debited, we will notify the customer by email and inform them about the unavailable product and that the order is cancelled because of it. 

-       If the customer bank account has been debited, we will notify the customer by email to inform them about the unavailable product and then offer a full refund. 


Dessinemoiunsoulier.com ships internationally to all countries, within approximately 30 days after recieving an order.

Delivery date varies depending on destination and it does not include french bank holidays, Saturday or Sundays. In case of a delay, the order can not be cancelled, but we recommend you to contact Dessine-moi un Soulier (sav@dmus.fr) to recieve further information about the delivery.

Products are shipped to the delivery address registered by the customer.

Shipping fees are including taxes for Metropolitan France, but do not include customs or local taxes for any destination outside Metropolitan France.

For deliveries in France, orders are shipped by Colissimo (French post), a fast and secure french postal service. A tracking number will be sent to the customer for the chance to track the delivery: www.coliposte.net or 0033 810 77 888 (AZUR number).

Lost package shipping within France: The customer should contact COLIPOSTE and provide them with the tracking number. If COLIPOSTE can not solve the problem, please contact Dessine-moi un soulier on sav@dmus.fr.

For international deliveries, orders are shipped by DHL. In case of delays, problems or lost parcel, the customer must contact Dessine-moi un soulier at the following adress sav@dmus.fr..

Delivery is effective as soon as the product is delivered at the customer's adress.

If the customer is not satisfied with the shipping or the product please contact Dessine-moi un soulier at the following adress : contact@dmus.fr


Dessine-moi un Soulier can not modify or cancel a order once processed for production. In case of either changing or cancelling please email Dessine-moi un soulier on contact@dmus.fr to see if your're order been sent to production. If not, we are able to modify or cancel the order.

Return policy:

Customer has 30 days to return a product after purchase. Returns can only be accepted if the product has't been used or damaged.

A product must be returned following Dessine-moi un Soulier conditions only :

-       return are possible only if customer encloses a letter specifying the reasons of the return (all reasons will be accepted).

-       products must not be returned to the headquarter adress. customer must contact Dessine-moi un Soulier sav@dmus.fr for the correct address.

-       Shipping fees for the return will be at the expense of the customer.

Following that Dessine-moi un soulier recieves the items, not used or damage will the customer be fully refunded within 30 days or exchange the product for an new design or sample. The customer will be notified by email. 

Customers must consider that Dessine-moi un Soulier manufactures custom-made shoes exclusively for the customer. Dessine-moi un soulier wants the customer to be satisfied with their shoes and is therefore accepting one return free of charge (excluding the charge for shipping and any taxes or customs when returning the item). For additional returns the customer will be charged a return fee of 100€ + shipping and taxes.

Dessine-moi un soulier warranty:

Dessine-moi un soulier has a 30 days return policy. If a customer ask for a return, she will either have a full refund or a new pair of shoes manufactured for her. 

Be careful, if the product is worn Dessine-moi un Soulier does not accept a return.

Intelectual property:

The text, comments, pictures occuring on www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com are property of Dessine-moi un soulier : author and brand right, worldwide.

Dessine-moi un soulier must be used for private use only. Every kind of reproduction are forbidden.

Taping a hypertext link to dessinemoiunsoulier.com, using framing or deep linking is strictly forbidden.


Photographs are shown as illustrations. We suggest you look qt the product descriptions (on the design platform) to learn their specifications.

Dessinemoiunsoulier.com cannot be held responsible for any damages caused from missusing a Dessine-moi un soulier product. 

Dessinemoiunsoulier.com liability is strictly limited to the value of the order.

Dessinemoiunsoulier.com cannot be held responsible for a situqtion where the order has not been delivered because of unavailability in stock or necessary materials. DMUS can neither be held responsible for orders being cancelled because of unexpected circumtances such as natural distasters (fire, flooding, earthquake), problems within the delivery service or postal strikes. DMUS can not take responsible of misstakes of the delivery address.     

Dispute and applicable laws:

The present contract is submitted to the french law.

If a dispute occur, Paris Court of Justice (Tribunal d'Instance) will be the only one competent for the matter.

Modification of the terms and uses:

Dessine-moi un soulier can modify the above dispositions at any time. Any new version would be accessible on dessinemoiunsoulier.com and will affec the Customer when published on the website.

If any dispositions, hypothetical would be declared as illegal, the others will still be effective.