Pumps | Dessine-moi un soulier: design your own shoes!


Pumps... With a 2.4, 3 or 4 inches heel, they are the most glamourous chic styles ever.

We love them because they are a must have in our shoesing, and can either be comfortable and casual, color block to make our outfit shine, girly and romantic with bows and pastel colours, or finally sober and elegant for dress up parties.

Round or pointed toe? That's a question of personal matter... But one thing is sure: the pointed toe is more tempered and should be priviledged for dress up elegant designs, when the round toe can be more playful, fresh, with colours to make our beautiful feet sparkles.

A little size trick:

If you have wide feet, prefer the round toe, more comfortable in this case than the pointed toe. If you still want pointed court, take a half size more than your usual, to increase the wide of the shoes.

Be careful though! Our designs with openings (toe and sling) size a bit big. Prefer a half size less than your usual.


How to design your round toe pumps :

Choose the shape and openings :

Classic D'orsay Open toe
Slingback   Toe cap

Choose your embellishments : bows or straps.

Bow on top Bow on the side Bow on the back
Marie-Jeanne strap   Ankle strap


Pointy toe pumps :

Audacious and flirty, or casual working pumps, the pointy toe pumps are the essentials for strong, independant women. 

Sexy and chic, it represents for us the "Chic à la française". 

We love it on 2,4' or 3' heels for everyday, or 4' heels for special evenings.

As for the sizes, the pointy toe pumps is true to size, you can choose your regular. But please note that it is a bit narrow, so if your feet are wide, please let us know in the commentary section of your order. 

How to design your pointy toe pumps :


Choose the openings and shapes :

Classic Toe cap Slingback


Choose your embellishments :

Bow on top Bow on the side Bow on the back


Platforms :


4' or 4,7' heels heights, the plateform pumps is an illusionist ! V

Thanks to the little plateform, the curve of the shoes is minimized, but allows you to wear proudly vertiginous stilettos ! 

We love it sexy and feminine, or glittery and sparkly for princess-y looks. 

As for the sizes, the 4,7' heels fits pretty true, but the 4' heels is a bit wide, and we advise to take a half size below your regular size, especially if you choose a D'orsay or open toe. 

How to design your platforms : 


Choose your shapes and openings :

Classic D'Orsay Open toe
Slingback   Toe cap


Choose your emballishments : bows or straps.

Bow on top Bow on the side Bow on the back
Marie-Jeanne straps   Ankle straps

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