Privacy | Dessine-moi un soulier: design your own shoes!


In accordance with teh French  "freedom and computer science law" (January 6th, 1978), customer has the right to access and refuse its personal data.

Information collected by Dessine-moi un soulier are strictly confidential. Dessine-moi un soulier do not to communicate any private or personal data to any third party. Customers details are only needed to process orders and for the commercial relationship. Dessine-moi un soulier can only share this data to companies who contribute or interfere in the business or in a commercial relation (such as production control and order management).

Dessine-moi un soulier do not sell or lease information regarding customers.

Dessine-moi un soulier may provide statistics about customers, such as sales and exchanges to trustworthy parties but statistics will never contain any personal data.

In case of a company sale or leaseback, will inform its customers prior to the event.