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Our manufacturing secrets...

How our shoes come to life


A french revolution!

            We live in a world where the majority of shoes are produced in Asia.

Dessine moi un selieur is French, with it’s head office located in Paris. We have the privilege to live in a country famous for its craftsmanship and for being the country where luxury was born.

We decided to invade the small village Romans sur Isère, also called: The Shoe Capital of France, with our company concept. Making shoes in this tiny village is a long and living tradition and we knew they could help us create our customers dream.

Cutting leather, sewing, assembling etc... Producing a shoe is a very long process and a very technical   job that require much knowledge and specific skills. That is what we found in Romans sur Isère.



Upper part

All leathers available have been carefully selected. We mainly use goatskin and lambskin for its flexibility, and softness, but also because of its robustness.

Our carefully selected materials will provide you with an elegant and at the same time, comfortable shoe. Voila! You have a glamorous and friendly shoe in one design!


Cuir lisseSoft leather:  A smooth and matt material; commonly used for shoes. It is a beautiful material giving you the opportunity to create everything from a discrete working shoe in classic black leather or a more outstanding design using a mix of materials, unique details and different colours..

Cuir nubuckSuede: A smooth and soft material with a napped finish. Suede almost looks like velvet and have a similar luxury feel to it. Suede can absorb the pigments of colour really well which create a vibrant and deep colour on the shoes. Perfect on a pair of stilettos for a girls-night-out!

Cuir vernisPatent leather : A very shiny material because of its high-gloss finish. It is the classical leather with a thin layer of patent (plastic-coating) on top. We love the material in red and black and would recommend you to get a pair in nude for this season. is a very shiny leather. This is a classical leather on top of which has been added a thin layer of patent to create a glossy finish. Gorgeous in red or black, we recommand you create a pair in nude, this season must have.


Editions limitéesLimited edition: Leather with a fish skin or animal skin surface are more exclusive materials we work with for shorter periods. They are normally produced on a goat or calf skin and these materials can change over time depending on our preferences, sourcing of material and trends. All our original leathers (like fish skin or animal) are made on goatskin or very soft calfskin. They are limited editions, and will change over the course of     our mood, sourcing or trends.

Animal "hairy" leather: a material with a deep and vibrant temper... Be wild and play it in Zebra or Leopard!

Linings : Made of goatskin and you can choose between a soft shiny beige and a graphic black when designing your shoe.

Soles : Our soles are 100% leather. Here you have the same option as for the lining; soft natural beige or a shiny black.

A leather sole gives our shoes a very qualitative and luxurious look. It is important to protect them; therefore we suggest you have a pad laid. You will so keep it beautiful and shiny as long as possible! 


Please contact us for any questions, requests or suggestions  contact@dmus.fr