Les matières | Dessine-moi un soulier: design your own shoes!

Les matières

Top of the shoe leather:

All the leather available on the website have been carefully selected. We offer on majority goatskin and kidskins, for its flexibility, its softness, but also for its robustness.

With all our leathers, you will design a comfortable and elegant product… A glamourous practical shoe.

Cuir lisseClassical leather:  smooth and matt. This leather, pretty classical, is absolutely perfect for creating sober, casual working shoes, but also totally crazy ones, when mixed with the other materials, or played in original and funky colours.

Cuir nubuckSuede leather : it is a peach skin, velvety look and feel. Smooth and glamourous, it picks up the pigments to create vibrant and deep colours. Perfect for night out stilettos!

Cuir vernis

Patent leather : is a very shiny leather. This is a classical leather on top of which has been added a thin layer of patent to create a glossy finish. Gorgeous in red or black, we recommand you create a pair in nude, this season must have.


Editions limitées

Exclusive and original leather :All our original leathers (like fish skin or animal) are made on goatskin or very soft calfskin. They are limited editions, and will change over the course of our mood, sourcing or trends.

Animal "hairy" leather: a material with a deep and vibrant temper... Be wild and play it in Zebra or Leopard!

Linings : Dessine-moi un Soulier linings are made of goatskin. Here again, you can choose your colour between the soft shiny beige or the graphic black.

Soles : Our soles are 100% leather. As for the sole, you can choose between a soft natural beige or a shiny black.

Leather sole allow a very qualitative and luxurious look. To protect them, we suggest you have a pad laid. You will so keep it beautiful and shiny as long as possible ! 

 Please contact us for any request or suggestion contact@dmus.fr