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How to choose your Dessine-moi un soulier's heels size.

How many inches can I wear? Do I prefer to be comfortable or sexy? For which occasion do I want to wear my beautiful shoes?

Choosing the right heel height can be tricky, especially when the shoes are designed for a big occasion, like a wedding.

But don't worry, take a deep breath and discover below our heels and advices:


The 2,4 inches heel, the "kitten heel"


It is the smallest heel possible in Dessine-moi un soulier.

The comfort is amazing, it seems like wearing flats, but we keep the elegance and the highlight of our curves.

It is ideal for the beginners, those who want to walk all day long with the shoes, or special occasions as weddings,

when you have to stay on your feet for a long time.

It is available in 3 shapes. The thick one has a modern design and allow a great stability.

The thin one or "bobine" as we call it in french, it is more retro and give the shoes a little french touch.

The chunky one is perfect for cowboy boots !

Stiletto heels Stiletto heels Classic heels
Classic heels Chunky heels Chunky heels

The 3 inches heels, the compromise :


Between the kitten and the stiletto heel, we have the 3 inches heel.

Perfect for those who are not very used to walking in high heels, but want to gain a few inches!

Thick, thin or chunky, it can be completely different, for completely different looks.

Stiletto for special occasions, parties, thick for casual, day to day wear or chunky for a trendy,

rock and roll look.



Stiletto heels Stiletto heels Chunky heels
Chunky heels Classic heels Classic heels

The 4 inches heels :

The sexiest heel ever!

Perfect for those who are used to walk in high heels, or want to look amazing on a special day or occasion.

The height highlights our curves, makes us beautiful and confident, it is definitly the most flattering heel.

It is available in 3 shapes as the 3 inches heel. Want to try but afraid to walk?

Prefer the thick ones, very stable and comfortable.



Stiletto heels Chunky heels Classic heels

The platforms :

Platforms... They are made of a round toe pump, in which we add a little plastic block wrapped up with leather at the front of the feet.

In the design studio, you will find in the 4 inches heel platform (corresponding to the curve of the 3 inches heels regular pump) and the 4.7 inches platform (corresponding to the curve of the 4 inches heel regular pump).

We love them because they lenghten us, slim us, flatter us and yet offer us an incomparable comfort.

Their little secret?

Thanks to the platform, the possibilities of designs and customs are multiplied!



4,7 inches heels 4,7 inches heels Stiletto 4' heels
Stiletto 4' heels Classic 4' heels Classic 4' heels


Any questions? Please join us monday to friday at the following (french) number: +33 or email contact@dmus.fr.

See you soon,

Juliette & the DMUS team.