The founders | Dessine-moi un soulier: design your own shoes!

The founders


An explosive team made up of two young but determined women, a bit dreamy but mainly passionate!

Known for sharing the same goal: to make your shoe-dream come true!

Juliette, is a fashion-holic in charge of marketing and administration. She looks after the designs and manufacturing of your amazing bespoke shoes. Marketing is a passion and Juliette is very interested in future trends and product development.

Her favourite shoe is a round-toe pump in several colours and she also loved the animal print brogues. Wait! She also loves wedges (coming soon) in a shiny or suede black.

Juliettes unique characteristics: she is very creative, she is the number 1 idea dropper of new models, materials, heels etc.... She is very caring and wants the best for Dessine-moi un soulier customer, so drop her an email if you have any questions about anything!

Alma, is a true entrepreneur, very passionate about innovative concepts. She is responsible for sourcing, sales and PR and communications.

Initially, Alma is a photographer, but has become a sharp shoe-technician where she makes sure all heels, leathers and soles will treat your feet and its shape as good as possible.

Almas loves a lot of glitter, pointy toes and very high heels. She is also fond of mixed colours and materials. Her absolute favourite? The electric blue called "Alma blue".