Créer la chaussure de mes rêves | Dessine-moi un soulier: design your own shoes!

Dessine-moi un soulier offers to create bespoke shoes, or custom allready made designs.

  1. Choose your design from a wide selection of shapes (in the gallery below or in the side menu)
  2. Custom and create your dream pair (colour, material, heel height and shape, embellishments...
    More than 5 000 000 of possible designs!)
  3. Wear your creation, delivered from France at your place in 4 to 6 weeks.

And if you have any special requests... Do not hesitate to contact … Shoes with your logo ? With your name on it ? With a colour or material not available on the website ? We will do everything possible to satisfy you (of course if it's manageable, and after acceptance of our quote).

Bottine en velours et glitter noir
£262 / $418
Escarpin open toe en velours orange fluo et glitter multico
£280 / $365
Escarpin glitter multicolore
£280 / $285
Escarpin en velours orange fluo et fine paillette multicolore
£280 / $308
Bottine plateforme en cuir lisse et glitter noir
£277 / $443
Low boot plateforme en velours et glitter noir
£260 / $405
Bottine en poil et cuir lisse noir
£278 / $437
Escarpin plateforme en velours et paillette noire, poil zèbre
£310 / $364
Richelieu en vernis noir  et poil zèbre
£220 / $258
Bottine en velours noir et poil zèbre
£248 / $378