Pumps | Dessine-moi un soulier: design your own shoes!


Pumps... With a 2.4, 3 or 4 inches heel, they are the most glamourous chic styles ever.

We love them because they are a must have in our shoesing, and can either be comfortable and casual, color block to make our outfit shine, girly and romantic with bows and pastel colours, or finally sober and elegant for dress up parties.

Round or pointed toe? That's a question of personal matter... But one thing is sure: the pointed toe is more tempered and should be priviledged for dress up elegant designs, when the round toe can be more playful, fresh, with colours to make our beautiful feet sparkles.

A little size trick:

If you have wide feet, prefer the round toe, more comfortable in this case than the pointed toe. If you still want pointed court, take a half size more than your usual, to increase the wide of the shoes.

Be careful though! Our designs with openings (toe and sling) size a bit big. Prefer a half size less than your usual.

Please find below some inspiration:

The kitten heels (2.4 inches heels):

Kitten heels pumps are perfect for very daily casual looks, or for special occasions that require an optimum comfort (as weddings). Small, a bit retro, we like them with bright colours or glitter to bring some sparks and joy, or pastel and romantic with little bows.

In the left design, we have added a big white thin glitter bow (amazing combo designed by Aline, one of our fabulous designer-customer!), matching the heels to break the sobriety of the model.

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Need more inspiration for kitten heels? Click on the pictures below to have the detailed descriptions:


The 3 inches heels:

Between the kitten and the stiletto stands our 3 inches heel. It is a perfect alternative for those who love heels, but also the comfort!

For day to day looks or evenings, this pump can be excentric or very sober, it goes with every styles!

Here, we have designed a pointed evening court, in black suede and pitone. Very French Chic!

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Need more inspiration? Click on the pictures below to have the detailed descriptions:


Stiletto heels:

The 4 inches pump is definitly the most flattering model, with a perfect curve, but harder to walk with than the previous ones.

The design in the left is in total look glitter, a model created by a french fashion blogger Marion Rocks, and is the trendiest for this fall, playful and bling bling as we love!

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If you crave for a 4 inches heel pump but are afraid you will not be comfortable enough, go see our 4 inches heels platform designs! 

Need more inspiration? Click on the pictures below to have the detailed descriptions:

And if you still have questions: contact@dmus.fr