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Dessine-moi un soulier was born from an encounter between Alma and Juliette, two adventurous, passionate and original Parisian women. It was their love for fashion and shoes that brought them together, but also their common frustration of never finding the perfect pair of shoes they secretly dreamed about. Alma dreamed of pink glitter or emerald suede shoes while Juliette always searched for the perfect pair in caviar blue or gold. They wanted feathers, glossy or classic but always long lasting leather, beautiful silks and fun colours. They wished for chunky heels, stilettos flats, sling-backs and boots. They wanted to create the perfect shoe for every occasion; work, pleasure, shopping, partys and romantic dinners.

To make a long story short: They were two French Fashionistas with many wishes and dreams, always searching and never finding.

They had an idea; to give the opportunity to every woman to create their own ideal shoe, an exclusive, custom made shoe that she could feel comfortable in and wear every day. They wanted to offer women a quality shoe produced by traditional ways in France, far from the mass-produced shoes in the east.

It took more than a year working and researching the market to develop this concept. Juliette and Alma have built this concept and website together, and they’ve developed their own ready-made designs, sourced raw-material, and chosen the best production within France.

This website is the result of their vision and hard work. Their vision of an online store that offers you a chance to design your own pair of shoes is now achieved. So to all women out there around the globe, here is your chance to create and design your own vision and dream. Enjoy!

Juliette & Alma xx